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Avatarlandshark asked 2 years ago

We have 2 bolts (not OTA) and 2 tivo minis. I don’t suppose there is any way to ditch cable and keep the functionality of our Tivo setup?
We are not opposed to selling them and starting fresh but it is a DVR platform we have grown accustomed to and enjoy. However there are some app restrictions. For instance at the moment they do not support SlingTV. But they do support most of the other popular streaming services.
So does anyone know if you can continue to use Tivo without a cablecard?

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Avatarblzlovr answered 2 years ago

I\’m in the same boat.  I love my Bolt and minis, but have to pay 88.00 per month for basic cable.  Not sure I can cut the cord (cable card) and get the same channels.  Was thinking about moving to the AT&T Unlimited and More to get Watch TV but only one stream?  I have 6 people on my plan.  With DTVN I get free HBO with 2 streams.