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Avatarremapp asked 1 year ago

What is the best way to get OTA over all 5 TVS? Trying to decide which way to go. I have directv with 4 cables from the dish with 4 dvrs and 1 receiver – cutting on Wednesday….yeah! I want OTA for all 5 tvs. Can I use the cables from directv to get ota from a antenna? Does PlexTV (I have PlexPass) allow access to all 5 TVs with different channels?  What equipment should I use…HDHOMERUN, Tablo, etc.???

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AvatarLuke Bouma Staff answered 1 year ago

Both HDHomeRun and Tablo are easy to use. There are different versions like a 2 tuner and 4 tuner. With a 2 tuner, you can watch 2 streams at once. With the 4 tuner you can watch on 4 devices at once. 

AvatarJoe Viking answered 1 year ago

Yes. You can use the same cable/coax from your old dish.  Assuming an outdoor antenna, basically unscrew the coax from the dish and connect it to the antenna.  If putting in an attic antenna, find where the coax splitter is in the attic (in from the dish – out to the separate rooms) and do the same type thing.
Don’t know about Plex.
If your tv’s have built in tuners, you don’t need anything else. If you want DVR capability (other than Plex [I think it does that]) such as from HDHomerun, Tablo, Tivo…. you’ll want to look at all where you want access to it.  That is, I have a Tivo (and love it) 4-tuner (to record several shows at once and watch something else) BUT to watch a recording from it in the bedroom, I’d need a 2nd (smaller) Tivo box AND an ethernet connection. It can’t use WiFi. So something to consider in your research. Something I hastily neglected.