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Avatarkensaf asked 1 year ago

I am not usually so helpless but there is so much information that is being presented that I am hoping for some guidance. I have recently Cut the Cord with Comcast/Xfinity. I do not currently have any reception and am shopping for the best OTA antenna for my location (98028 Kenmore WA). I’m thinking maybe Channel Master Masterpiece 45 (my residence is a metal walled mobile home). Once I have that sorted I need to find a streaming service and I’m thinking Roku (mostly b/c I recognize the name) and I definitely want a DVR (used to have TiVo). I don’t watch sports at all and most of HBO, Starz etc. I can live without. I would like to get CNN.

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Avatarfaith answered 1 year ago

Don’t feel helpless, it’s something you will learn more about each day. Roku is a good device for streaming. Look to see if you can get a free one from Sling or Direct tv. I started with a free one from Sling by paying for two months, canceled got a free one from Direct tv doing the same. Once you have a Roku you can try different streaming services to see what meets your needs. Visit https://www.suppose.tv/tv and look at what might be best for you. Your antenna, think about where the signals come from, do want a directional or multidirectional. Use a website like tvfool.com to help you learn where you tv signals are coming from. See what your neighbors have and find how well it works. Ask them what they like and dislike. Their several DVR’s out there I use Tablo, chose it because it integrated easily with the Roku’s and my wife could figure it out. There have been deals on those recently as well. Have fun.