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AvatarSparrow asked 2 years ago

Hi CC, I have an New Onkyo TX646 (Bose front 301\’s / 201\’s rear speakers and VCS10 center speaker) with the HDCP 2.2 HDMI connect and a New Phillips 4K Ultra HD 5000 series 55\” LED TV. Currently, I am using optic for the sound to the receiver. I will upgrade from the Roku express (a gift) to the New Ultra. I have hard wired the TV with the internet. Two questions: First, should I buy the older Ultra with the optic for sound or buy the new (faster) 2017. My next question is how to connect to get the best experience? By the way, we have cut the cord for over three years now and have a digital 60 mile antenna with over 88 FREE HD channels! Infinity is still driving up the cost of internet. Thank you for your help.