Quibi has Finally Reached a Settlement in the Eko Lawsuit

The long and drawn-out lawsuit between Eko and former video platform Quibi has finally reached an end.

Last year, interactive video firm Eko filed a lawsuit accusing Quibi of stealing technology, including the Turnstyle feature which allows users to flip their phone from vertical to horizontal and have the video adjust to fit the screen. The case’s judge ended up ruling that former Snap employees went against their Eko NDA pertaining to interactive-video tech and stole trade secrets before heading over to Quibi.

Quibi folded in less than a year after launching, but the lawsuit continued between Eko and what is now QBI Holdings, LLC.

Now, the two companies have reached a confidential settlement which reportedly has no money involved, despite Eko at one point asking for $96 million from Quibi and for its assets to be frozen. Instead, it sounds like the ruling is just acknowledging that the technology was originated by Eko.

“This result will help ensure that Eko remains the undisputed leader in interactive storytelling technology,” said Eko boss Yoni Bloch Wednesday.

“We are satisfied with the outcome of this litigation, and proud of the independently created contributions of Quibi and its engineering team to content presentation technology,” said Quibi founder and chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg in a statement.

Now that the lawsuit is put to bed, Quibi can truly RIP.