Ratings For Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, & the Disney Channel Are Plummeting as Cord Cutting Grows

NickelodeonDo you have kids? Are they more likely to watch a streaming service or a traditional cable TV network? New numbers are showing that the big three kids’ networks Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and the Disney Channel have seen their viewership drop by as much as 29%.

According to Broadcasting Cable, Nickelodeon has seen their viewership drop by 29%, Cartoon Network has lost 24%, and the Disney Channel has lost 27% of its viewership.

This news is devastating for these networks not just because it means cord cutting is growing but also it means there are fewer customers watching commercials. If this trend continues at some point these networks will find themselves being unable to bring in the same amount for commercials as they have in the past.

There is one more issue that not many have talked about. This is the issue that as time goes on and these younger viewers get older it means they are far less likely to pay for cable TV. If they grow up without cable TV, why would they pay for it as they get older?

The question now is with Disney+ and other streaming services that offer more kids’ content launch what will the long-term impact be on Nickelodeon, the Disney Channel, and Cartoon Network. As kids change how they view content these networks may see the biggest impact from cord cutting in the years to come.

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