‘Red Notice’ is Now Netflix’s Most-Watched Film

Netflix’s recent Original film Red Notice has now taken the title of most-popular movie on the streaming service in terms of initial viewership. The action film starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds had 328.8 million hours viewed in its first 28 days, beating out the previous record holder, Bird Box with 282 million hours.

Extraction and The Irishman are next, according to Netflix’s new official reporting site top10.netflix.com which launched earlier this fall. Most of the titles on the list are Action films, with the exception of the streamer’s popular teen romance franchise The Kissing Booth 2 (no. 5) and Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavil in Enola Holmes (no. 8).

As we like to point out when reporting viewership data like this, there is a big difference in subscriber numbers at the time Bird Box was released compared to Red Notice. The previous was released in 2018 when Netflix had around 130 million subscribers, so it banking 282 million hours of streaming time is impressive. On the other hand, Red Notice was just released last month with Netflix sitting closer to 213 million subs currently.

Source: Statista