Reelgood’s New ‘Swipe With Friends’ Feature is Like Tinder for Movie Picks

Everyone knows finding a movie to stream that the whole group can agree on is tough. You end up wasting half the night checking multiple streaming services for something that appeals to everyone. Enter Swipe With Friends.

RReelgood has introduced a feature on its website that lets users swipe on movie titles with their friends until they find a match, kind of like Tinder for movies. The feature is directly on the website at, so it’s hassle-free with no need to login or download an app. Simply share the URL with your friends, select which streaming services you have, and start swiping.

Swipe right on things you’d watch, and left on things you wouldn’t watch, and Reelgood will notify you when you have a match. The feature only shows movies that are available on your current streaming services, so you can hit play and start watching right away.

Here are some of the feature highlights:

  • ON YOUR STREAMING SERVICES: Reelgood’s filters cover 150+ streaming services in the US & UK, so you’ll only match with movies & shows you can actually stream.
  • EASY & FAST: No app to download, no account needed. Just share a url and you can be swiping with friends in seconds.
  • GOOD SUGGESTIONS: Reelgood’s recommendation system combined with filters for IMDb score, genre, release year, and more will get you relevant titles to swipe thru, not just a random assortment.

Movie night is just a swipe away!