Regional ISP WilloWeb Deploys its First 5G Fixed Wireless Access in San Jose

InternetWe’re well into 2020 and it’s clear 5G is set to have a big year, with several major companies continuing to tout their expansion efforts. But smaller, more regional companies are also getting in on the 5G game, including California’s WilloWeb. The company focuses on the San Jose area of the state and it recently announced its first 5G Fixed Wireless Access deployment in the Willow Glen neighborhood.

Fixed wireless, as you might imagine, uses wireless communication tech to transmit and receive data among different locations, and WilloWeb says its approach offers faster connections than traditional wired methods like fiber.

“(I)t blows my mind to see the huge steps wireless has made over the years allowing us to now compete even with fiber providers. Especially now, we want to accelerate the rollout of our services in order to help all of us during these unusual times,” Doug Soden, WilloWeb’s founder and CEO, said in a press release about the first deployment.

A quick tour via Google Maps shows the Willow Glen area features a number of small businesses and the company said its 5G tech should allow for “low-latency, high-gigabit” connections throughout the area and it aims to expand availability into parts of the South Bay area.

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