Report: CBS Plans to Merge With Viacom In a All Stock Deal

For a few months now we have heard that CBS and Viacom have been in talks for a possible merger. Now Reuters is reported that CBS plans to make an all stock offer to merge with Viacom bellow current market rates. According to reports Viacom and CBS hope to have a deal in place before May 2018.

Back in 2010, the two companies merged only to break back into two companies in 2016, at the request of both boards. It is important to remember that both Viacom and CBS have the same controlling family: the Redstone family. If these reports are correct, they could once again be a single company.

For cord cutters, the possibility of Viacom joining CBS is an exciting one with the prospect of Viacom shows returning to many streaming services. Merging the two companies would also give them stronger bargaining power when it comes to contract negotiations and could possibly bring Viacom content to CBS’s streaming efforts like CBS All Access or the growing number of free streaming services from CBS.

This push to make media companies like Viacom and CBS larger is not just about cord cutting. There is a growing number of content providers such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon creating original programs enjoyed by cord cutters and cable subscribers alike. To help fight back from a shrinking viewership content companies are hoping to grow their footprint through mergers like this one.

As of today, the deal is not official, but with the new special committees being formed it takes the CBS and Viacom merger one step closer to becoming a reality.

Source: Bloomberg 

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