Report: DirecTV Now is Delayed & Will Not Be Released Today

directv_logo_4195Cord Cutters News has received a report that says DirecTV Now will miss the November 4th release date. It is our understanding that the hold up is a combination of technical and contract issues.

The original November 4th date came from a leaked internal AT&T memo sent out to their installers. Here is a copy of that memo:

As you may have heard, AT&T is launching a new over-the-top (OTT) service called DIRECTV NOW on November 4, 2016. OTT services provide potential customers with a streaming-only option when they are unable to have traditional DIRECTV or U-Verse TV service installed.

Though DIRECTV NOW does not require professional installation, technicians may want to be aware of the service and what it entails. For instances where a DIRECTV or U-Verse installation cannot be completed due to line-of-sight, landlord permission or other issues, technicians can provide information on the DIRECTV NOW service and let customers know they can visit to learn more.

Please note that DIRECTV NOW is a completely separate offering from traditional DIRECTV and U-Verse and should only be mentioned to customers when those services cannot be installed. If the customer is able to receive broadcast TV service, technicians should not proactively mention DIRECTV NOW as it is redundant with the DIRECTV and U-Verse Apps, which still offer streaming capabilities to subscribers of the DIRECTV and U-Verse TV services respectively.

Key points to keep in mind for DIRECTV NOW:

The DIRECTV App is still available to DIRECTV satellite TV customers. DIRECTV NOW is a completely separate service.

No set-top box is required to utilize DIRECTV NOW. Instead, customers can stream content via iOS and Android mobile devices, Web browsers, as well as streaming media players that connect to the TV like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Stick, and Chromecast. More streaming options are expected to be available in the future.

DIRECTV NOW offers programming packages that are similar to those of traditional DIRECTV service. No annual contract is required. Add-on packages like HBO are also available. More information is available at

Customers need high-speed broadband service to stream content at a high quality. It is recommended that DIRECTV NOW be used with 12 Mbps broadband at a minimum. Customers can take advantage of a free 7 day trial by visiting if they are unsure whether they have broadband service capable of streaming content, or just want to get a feel for the service.

Hopefully we will get some DirecTV Now news early next week.

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