Report: HBO Max Gained 2% Marketshare With Netflix Down 2% in Q4 2021

The gap continues to narrow between the big original streaming services and popular newcomers like HBO Max and Disney+. A new report from JustWatch reveals Q4 2021 data on each streaming service’s marketshare, and the findings show which platforms ended the year on a high note.

According to the data, HBO Max saw the most growth overall adding 2% in Q4, and creeping up on Hulu and Disney+ in terms of marketshare. HBO Max now holds 12% marketshare between the two Disney platforms’ maintained 13%.

Apple TV+ added 1% from Q3 and finished the year with an all time high of 5%. The relatively new service has seen its share of struggles and stagnant growth so this is promising for it.

Meanwhile, Netflix closed the year at 25%, down 2% from the previous quarter as other streaming services pull its viewers out from under it. Prime Video remained in second place with 19% share.

HBO Max had the most successful year of all in 2021, ending things up +5%. Meanwhile, Disney+ has slowed in growth since its initial explosion and remained somewhat consistent throughout the year. Netflix saw the sharpest decline of all dropping from above 30% market share to it’s current state at 25%.