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Report: Hulu Lost $436 Million in the First Quarter of 2018

Hulu has been spending big not only on building up their new live TV streaming service but also on content. According to a report from The Information, Hulu spent $436 million more than they made on new content, back-end improvements, and more according to a report from Fast Company.

Hulu is currently the third largest streaming service in the United States. Recently they have been spending big to roll out new features and promote their live TV streaming service. That seems to have paid off as Hulu recently topped 20 million subscribers with over 800,000 of them subscribing to their live TV streaming service.

Recently Hulu has struck several large deals to bring new content to Hulu, and they have also announced other deals to bring content to the service. Owners like FOX have also started to pull content from places such as Netflix and moved it over to Hulu. This all seems to be an effort to prepare for a possible new majority owner of Hulu.

Currently, both Comcast and Disney are bidding on FOX, which would include FOX’s one-third ownership of Hulu. That would make Disney or Comcast the majority owner of Hulu. To make the deal better both companies seem to be working hard to invest in Hulu to make the merger look better.

Hulu has declined to comment on the report.

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