Report: Live Sports Streaming Now Accounts for 30% of All Connected TV Streaming

Streaming has taken over as the preferred viewing method of the future, and is taking the place of traditional TV in homes across the country and the world. For a long time, it was sports fans keeping traditional cable TV alive, but that is changing too. According to a new report from Magnite, live sports streaming now accounts for 30% of all CTV streaming.

More leagues, events, and tournaments are accessible on streaming platforms, making it a natural choice for cord cutters to choose streaming over cable when it comes to watching sports.

While streaming services used to be associated only with on-demand content, this shift toward live TV has added to its already robust appeal. In fact, this report shows that 68% of all CTV viewers regularly watch at least one live streaming service. Even if sporting events are offered as on-demand content, nothing can beat watching a game in real time. The report shows 70% of live sport is watched in real-time, despite the ability to watch on-demand.

Other findings from the report show that Live sports streamers are more likely to discover new products, remember ads, and make a purchase than traditional TV viewers, and that Live programming is a crowd-pleaser – all age groups watch live-streamed content.