Report: Roku Plans to Launch an Amazon Channels Competitor

One of the main issues in cord cutting today is managing multiple streaming services. With the average streaming service costing between $5 and $10 a month, you can easily subscribe to multiple services and still save money. Amazon was one of the first to address this by offering Amazon Channels. With Amazon Channels you can use your Amazon account to manage multiple subscriptions. That allows you to have a single login and app for multiple services.

Now according to a report from Variety Roku is planning to offer a similar service. According to sources, Roku is planning to let you use your Roku account to manage subscriptions to a variety of streaming service. Roku has for some time now let you subscribe to multiple services using your Roku account. Yet you still needed multiple apps and logins as Roku only handled the payments. Now Roku is reportedly looking to streamline that process.

According to reports Roku plans to offer a single app that will let you access your content from multiple services and even manage the payments, logins, etc for the services.

Roku recently announced that services like ads and subscriptions now make up over half of Roku’s revenue. Adding this service will likely help Roku push that revenue even higher.

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