Review: 2018 TiVo Bolt OTA DVR for Antennas & Cord Cutting

Recently TiVo announced the new TiVo BOLT OTA DVR designed for cord cutting. This new DVR not only is a dedicated OTA DVR, but it is also a 4K streaming player. Now we got our hands on the 2018 TiVo BOLT OTA DVR. Here is our full review:

The new four-tuner TiVo BOLT OTA costs $249.99 with a monthly service fee of $6.99 a month. (Or a yearly fee of $69.99. You can also buy a lifetime subscription for $249.) The TiVo BOLT will hit stores like Best Buy and Amazon on September 28.

With the TiVo BOLT not only will you be able to record your antenna and stream it outside of your house, but you will also be able to stream 4K content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. You will also get access to all the TiVo features you love like show discovery, ad skipping, and TiVo’s recommendations.

TiVo has in the past had a TiVo BOLT that also had an OTA option, but this is the first time there has been a dedicated TiVo BOLT that only supports OTA.

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