Review: ClearStream TV — Turning Your Antenna into a Wi-Fi Antenna

Antenna Direct recently made a big announcement of a new product called ClearStream TV. It is a stick that connects to your antenna allowing you to stream your TV through your home Wi-Fi network to any supported device including Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Kindle, iOS, and Android devices.

If you want to see the full video review of the ClearStream TV in action you can find it here:

First Impressions

  • Fast and easy setup was fast and easy (Follow the onscreen instructions)
  • Simple product that does one thing and does it well
  • Small and it can easily be put anywhere


  • No DVR
  • Only one tuner so only one TV at a time can use it
  • Only works with Second Gen Fire TV and Fire Stick (Antenna Direct Says 1st Gen Fire TV & Fire Stick Support Is On The Way)

In Short

The ClearStream TV is an easy-to-use device that does what it says it will do. It’s not the fastest device out there and channels can take a second to load, but its small form and Wi-Fi support allows you to put your antenna anywhere in the house.

As always your TV is typically not in the best spot of an antenna so using a device such as the ClearStream TV will allow you to have your antenna in the best possible spot in your house without worrying about where your TV is.

You can buy the ClearStream TV stick on Antennas Direct website HERE.

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