Review: Hands On With The Sideclick Remote

We recently had an opportunity to go hands on with the Sideclick remote, which is scheduled to go on sale later this year. The Sideclick is a small add-on for your streaming device remote that allows you to control your TV, Roku, Fire TV, Nexus, Apple TV, and more all with one remote.

The ability to have just one remote is a huge plus in my house. We only touch the TV remote in our bedroom to turn on the TV and set the sleep timer. Now instead of having two remotes on the nightstand we have just the Roku remote with this add-on attached. It also means one less remote to lose on the bed when you are trying to turn off the TV without waking up your spouse.

The Sideclick we received is an early reviewer version that was handmade as a spec unit before final production starts. While there may be minor changes, what we tested should be extremely close to what you will receive except the final version will be black not green.

Overall I was impressed with the Sideclick. Programming took seconds, and it has great range. The feel and layout of the remote was natural and easy to use.

So if you are looking at cutting back on the number of remotes you have make sure to check out the Sideclick remote.

Also make sure to check out our interview with the creators and owners of the Sideclick:

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