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Review: The New AirTV from Sling TV

The AirTV 2 just went for sale and this week we had an opportunity to test it out. This is a very different experience from the Air TV 1 (that is still for sale). No longer is it an Android TV player. The AirTV 2 is a network tuner.

Yes, you connect your antenna to the AirTV 2 and it will stream your local broadcast TV stations over the Internet to your Sling TV app on a long list of devices.

Here is a hands-on review we did with the AirTV 2:

Here is how Sling TV describes the app:

How it Works

AirTV solves the biggest problems associated with OTA antennas like wiring multiple rooms and finding the right spot to get the best possible TV signal. AirTV connects with your home Wi-Fi to stream local OTA channels to every internet-connected TV and device within range, so you can mount your antenna wherever it gets the best signal without running cables all over your home.

Take your locals on the go

Don’t have Sling TV? No problem, AirTV also works with the free AirTV app, so you have the freedom to watch your favorite local OTA channels in HD wherever you are.

Our Final Thoughts

The AirTV 2 is a great addition for any Sling TV subscriber. Now you can easily stream your antenna just as you would with ESPN or CNN.

It also answers one of the main concerns about Sling TV: the lack of locals. With the AirTV2 you can easily enjoy locals streaming inside Sling TV without the cost of paying for local TV stations.

If you are a Sling TV subscriber who already uses an antenna and wants to access your locals no matter where you are around the world, then the AirTV 2 is the device for you..

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  • Me

    Does the Air Tv have to be connected to your router via Ethernet? I understand that would be the idea way but kind of negates being able to have the antenna anywhere you want. Since where the antenna is and where the router is may be in different parts of the house.

    • Andy R

      It has an option to connect to the network via WiFi if the router isn’t close. You’ll still need to be fairly close to the router / extender (no more than a few rooms away), as WiFi range drops off quickly and you’ll want to keep a steady data rate to prevent the picture from buffering too much.

  • Michael Kaufman

    I like the idea of this, but I’m guessing it would stream though the internet if it was running though the Sling App and add additional data toward the data cap. Would that be true? It would help a couple of TV’s get the local channels in my house. It’s worth thinking about for me.

    • Me

      That hadn’t occurred to me until just now. ClearstreamTV works on your network only saving data. The downside being it only works on on TV. Wondering if there are any devices that stream OTA over the local network to multiple Tvs via Roku app.

      • David Batten

        Yes. A Tablo does just that (but it does not support 5.1 audio) An HDHomeRun does the same thing, but does not support Roku due to streaming in MPEG2. HDHomeRun devices support most other platforms and has 5.1 audio.
        As the AirTV2 is new, I don’t know about what audio it supports. It is limited to 2 channel/streams at once as it only has 2 TV tuners. Both HDHomeRun and Tablo have devices that support up to 4 tuners.

        • Me

          Tablo at $220? No thanks. Don’t need DVR features anyway.

          • David Batten

            An HDHomeRun is only $99, but it wont support a Roku

          • Fred Koot

            You can set up a Plex or Emby server and than watch on Roku.

          • Me

            Fred that just add more complexity. This is big advantage of cable. It just works. No complicated set up. Let me know when there is device that JUST WORKS.

          • Fred Koot

            Not complicated, nice saving hundreds of dollars a year

  • 702NOsaints

    Will 1 airtv player give the other TV’s in the house locals?? Currently using Sling with Roku devices on 3 TV’s. Definitely would get if 1 box is all I need to get locals!

    • Dean G

      Yes, because it is sending it through the internet to your account and when you login to the sling app it should appear on whatever device is using it. Though, it says it their setup guide it works on Roku then if their help section it says it doesn’t.

    • Fred Koot

      not all three tv’s at the same time

      • 702NOsaints

        Hmmmm 2 different answers to my question, anybody else have a answer and break the tie….lol

        • David Batten

          The AirTV2 only has two TV tuners. So, it can only stream 2 channels at the same time. This is what Fred was referring to.

  • Annie Daniel

    What is the quality of the streaming content? (720p, 1080p, or is there any selection for streaming quality based on network speed?)

    • Fred Koot

      Nobody broadcasts in 1080p

    • David Batten

      1.0 Broadcast only support 720p or 1080i. Not 1080p
      Both happen to have about the same picture quality in the end results

  • Fred Koot

    This isn’t new technology, its just a Ota Slinbox. You will need good upload speed away from home.

  • ts2007

    Does it have an app for AppleTV4? The website does not say anything about apps.

    Can i use it through the Sling TV app on Apple TV if i am not a sling customer?

    • David Batten

      The specs does say iOS, but not specifically Apple TV. Not sure if it will run on the Apple TV.
      As for not being a Sling TV customer. It does say you can use the AirTV App. Which is separate from the Sling TV app.

  • Carl Falcone

    Can you use Slings DVR to record the ota broadcast channels from Airtv?

  • Ron Lewen

    Have they announced any plans for DVR for the AirTV2? I’m thinking about Tablo and HDHomerun, and would consider this if a DVR was available.

  • JB

    I have yet to see the locals integrate with the Sling TV app on my Roku. I was able to get them to show up on my phone’s Sling TV app and on the AirTV app for Roku… but I haven’t been able to get it to work on my Roku boxes (Roku 3 and Roku Stick +). In the user manual, it says Roku’s Sling TV app works with it… but on the website, it doesn’t show Roku yet. Is this something that will be supported shortly?

    • Steve Marshall

      I called tech support, and Sling via Roku will not be supported until mid January. Right now, you have to set up under AirTV channel to view on Roku.

      I could only get it set up on 2g. Couldn’t get 5g to work.

      • JB

        Yep, it worked fine on the AirTV app… it just doesn’t make sense for me to use that, as we usually use Sling. I have the Tablo in the meantime for locals. They are having issues with the Disney channels and the Android TV apps (including on the AirTV player), so we had to move to Roku to watch Sling without glitches on Disney Jr and Freeform. Someone stated that they broadcast in 720p, and that may be the problem… not having great success in getting them to figure out a fix, though. Such is life!

  • WhipSkinny

    What’s the purpose of the USB port? Harddrive for recording maybe?