Review: YouBeam Streaming Stick


Lets take a look at hardware:

handholdingyoubeam1The YouBeam is small and easily fits in your hand.  It has a male HDMI port to plug into your TV and uses a Micro USB port for power. The hardware worked well and had no issues with crashes or getting stuck.

Lets take a look at the browser:

laptop-search-e1411050401939The browser is basic but dose it job well. There is a good popup blocker and the beaming, playing, and other settings are easy to find and use. They are working on an android app that will allow you to beam videos and control the player from your phone.


It dose it job well and the hardware is free upfront. There is a $7.99 monthly fee but it is currently on sale at the time of this posting.

What really sets it apart is the adult section. Most streaming sticks like this block adult content but the YouBeam allows you to disable the parental controls with a user name and password. Giving it a option most streaming devices do not offer. So if you want a way to easily get adult content on your TV this is the device for you.

You can get the YouBeam here:

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