Roku 4 Wi-Fi Will Be Three Times Faster Than the Roku 3

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FCC filings on the new Roku 4 show that it will have 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. The 802.11ac Wi-Fi is about three times faster than the 802.11n standard the Roku 3 was built with.

Photo Credit ASUS

Now you will need a router that is compatible with 802.11ac, but if you still have an older n or even a g standard router the Roku 4 will be backward compatible.

The 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard is needed when streaming 4K. Though even 1080p streaming of Netflix or Amazon should be noticeably improved. Now remember even with the improvements of the ac standard your home Internet speed is still a determining factor. If you have slow Internet speed, the ac will not help.

The 802.11ac standard does help if you are in a house with multiple streams and multiple devices connected to the same network. You should notice an improvement in your router’s ability to handle multiple devices.

This will bring the Roku 4 in line with the new Fire TV and Apple TV both of which were announced with the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

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