Roku Announces a More Powerful Roku Ultra, a Smaller Roku Express, & More

Today Roku announced a new and improved Roku Ultra along with a smaller Roku Express. The best part is Roku is keeping the pricing the same with the Roku Ultra costing $99.99. Roku is even releasing a cheaper version of the Roku Ultra called the Roku Ultra LT that would be slightly stripped down and cost just $79.99 at Walmart. Roku also announced Roku OS 9.2 today. You can learn more about Roku OS 9.2 HERE. 

“We’re driven by the goal of delivering an exceptional streaming experience to our customers that includes endless entertainment and intuitive ways to find it,” said Mark Ely, Vice President, Players and Whole Home Product Management at Roku. “Our new streaming player lineup continues to offer a device for every type of streamer. Whether you’re streaming to your TV for the first time or are a cord-cutting power-house who wants our ultimate streaming device – we’ve got something for everyone.”

Roku Ultra with PackagingThe New Roku Ultra:

New Roku Ultra RemoteThe New Roku Ultra will come with an enhanced quad-core process, 802.11ac dual-band wireless, and most importantly it will come with more internal memory. Roku says the new Roku Ultra will launch the top 100 Roku channels 17% faster and when using services like Sling TV, Hulu, YouTube TV, etc it will make loading channels 33% faster.

Roku has also added two programmable quick launch buttons to the Roku Ultra remote. Now you can program these buttons to launch your favorite Roku Channel or to auto-execute any voice command you want.

Roku Express with PackagingThe New Roku Express

The Roku Express is getting a new smaller form but will still offer the same performance as the current Roku Express. Roku also says the new Roku Express uses less power, meaning you will be able to power it through the USB port on your TV to reduce cable clutter. (Some exceptions may apply but Roku says most TVs now will be able to power the new Roku Express through the USB Port.) This also means the new Roku Express will be more friendly on your budget as it will help lower your power bills.

Note the Roku Express+ sold at Walmart will no longer include the RCA cables for older Roku TVs. Roku says they will still the older Roku Express with the RCA for non-HD TVs on its website for anyone who needs a Roku player with RCA cables.

Roku Ultra LTThe Roku Ultra LT

The Roku Ultra LT offers 4K and HDR streaming, ethernet, 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless, an Enhanced Roku Voice remote with TV controls and Roku headphones for just $79.99 and is sold exclusively at Walmart. The downside is it does not have the expanded memory and improved processor that the new Roku Ultra has but costs $20 less than the more expensive Roku Ultra.

Roku Streaming Stick+ Headphone EditionThe Roku Streaming Stick+ HE

The Roku Streaming Stick+ HE is just like the standard Roku Stick+ with 4K HDR but adds a headphone jack to the Roku Remote. The Roku Stick+ HE is sold exclusively at Best Buy and costs $59.99.

Roku Stick

Sadly, the cheaper Roku Stick will be discontinued. The $49.99 HD only Roku Stick will be phased out as Roku focuses more on Roku Stick+ 4K streaming players that can also do HD.


You can preorder the new Roku Express and Roku Ultra at starting today. The Roku Express+ will be available broadly at the end of September with the rest of the devices on sale in October

International Availability

Roku has also announced that they are expanding its streaming player lineup in Canada, The UK, and the Republic of Ireland as well as select Countries in Latin America. Roku Express, Roku Premiere and Roku Streaming Stick+ are expected to be available in the coming weeks in these new countries.

Here is how Roku describes the full new Roku Lineup:

  • Roku Express (MSRP $29.99) – Features an even smaller form factor and offers easy HD streaming
  • Roku Express+ (MSRP $39.99) – Features the new sleek form factor and a Roku Voice remote. Available exclusively at Walmart.
  • Roku Premiere (MSRP $39.99) – Delivers easy 4K & HDR streaming with a simple remote
  • Roku Streaming Stick+ (MSRP $59.99) – Offers a powerful, portable HD, 4K and HDR streaming with the long-range wireless and a Roku Voice Remote with TV controls
  • Roku Streaming Stick+ HE (MSRP $59.99) – Available exclusively at Best Buy and includes the Enhanced Roku Voice Remote with a headphone jack and Roku headphones for Private Listening
  • Roku Ultra LT (MSRP $79.99) – A Walmart exclusive featuring HD, 4K and HDR streaming, ethernet, 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless, an Enhanced Roku Voice remote with TV controls and Roku headphones
  • Roku Ultra (MSRP $99.99) – Delivers brilliant HD, 4K & HDR picture quality and Roku’s best wireless and new features such as fast channel launch, personal shortcut and mute buttons, premium JBL Headphones and more

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