Roku Bans Web Browsers & Removes Them From the Roku Channel Store

Recently and for the first time, several web browsers appeared in the official Roku Channel store. These browsers would let you surf the web right from your Roku. But now it seems Roku has removed all the web browsers from its official Roku Channel Store.

Hopefully, someday we will get an official web browser for Roku Players and Roku TVs. Sadly, Roku has not commented on any plans to do so. Many had hoped these third party Roku Channels would but a good substitute, but for now, Roku seems to have decided to ban them once again.

According to developers we’ve talked to, Roku has had a long-standing policy about blocking web browsers from the platform. Many people wondered if this had changed with the recent addition of multiple browsers from 3rd party developers, but it looks like this policy has not changed at this time.

Roku reached out to Cord Cutters News to confirm that they still do not allow browsers on Roku Players and Roku TVs. Roku also sent us a copy of their developer rules that includes this statement:

2.9 Content and Application Nesting Not Permitted: Channel does not include third-party content offerings, nor does it allow use of browsers or applications within the channel or cross-functionality with other Roku channels.

Sadly, it seems Roku has no plans to allow a web browser on Roku Players or Roku TVs.

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