Roku (Briefly) Mentions Unknown Model Number Among Roku OS 11’s Supported Hardware

An unknown model number briefly made an appearance in a listing of devices that support Roku’s latest software revision — Roku OS 11. The model, 4802X, doesn’t correspond to any currently available devices within Roku’s lineup, which includes the top-end, 2020-era Ultra (listed as model number 4800X) and the Walmart-exclusive Ultra LT (listed as model number 4801X). The blog post has since been updated to remove the mention of the mystery model number.

We reached out to Roku to inquire if the model points to a potential future device, or if it was simply a typo, but the company declined to comment.

Roku OS 11 Unknown Model Number
A screenshot of the Roku OS 11 Release Notes post as it appeared on March 25th, 2022. The current version of the page omits model number “4802X,” which doesn’t correspond to any current Roku devices.

In any case, here’s the full listing of devices that we know are eligible for Roku OS 11:

  • Express: 3930X, 3900X, 3700X
  • Express 4K: 3940X
  • Express 4K+: 3941X
  • Express+: 3931X, 3910X, 3710X
  • Premiere: 4620X, 3920X
  • Premiere+: 4630X, 3921X
  • Roku 1, Roku SE: 2710X
  • Roku 2: 4210X, 2720X
  • Roku 3: 4230X, 4200X
  • Roku 4: 4400X
  • Roku LT: 2700X.
  • Smart Soundbar: 9100X
  • Streambar: 9102X
  • Streambar Pro: 9101X
  • Streaming Stick: 3800X, 3600X, 3500X
  • Streaming Stick 4K: 3820X
  • Streaming Stick 4K+: 3821X
  • Streaming Stick+: 3811X, 3810X
  • Ultra: 4800X, 4670X, 4661X, 4660X, 4640X
  • Ultra LT: 4801X, 4662X
  • Roku TV: All models

To recap: Roku OS 11 is set to bring an improved mobile experience, new audio features, expanded content-discovery options, and additional personalization options — including Roku Photo Streams, which lets you create photo albums to use in screensavers and share with other Roku users.

And we’ll, of course, continue to keep a close eye on Roku’s future product announcements in case this mystery model number is tied to an actual device.