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Roku Buyers Guide – Helping You Find The Right Roku

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Here is our guide to buying the right Roku for your TV.

Old SD TVs (Or a TV without an HDMI Port)

Do you have an old TV without an HDMI port that you want to connect a Roku to? You want a Roku Express+ costing just $39.99. This is like the regular Roku Express but it offers an RCA option to connect your Roku to the red, white, and yellow ports on your TV.

You can only find the Roku Express+ at Walmart.


Do you own an HD TV that does not have 4K? Well there are two players we would recommend: the Roku Express and the Roku Stick 2016. They both offer similar performance but the 2016 Roku Stick is slightly faster and what we would recommend if you have the extra $20.

Both the Roku Stick and Roku Express max out at 1080p but are fast and cost less than $50.

You can find our full side-by-side comparison of the Roku Express and the Roku Stick here:

4K TV Owners

If you have a 4K TV that does not have HDR we highly recommend the Roku Premier. The Premier is just as fast in our testing as the old Roku 4 but it costs just $79.99, which is less expensive than most used Roku 4s.

The only drawback that may make you want to pay the extra $20 is the enhanced point anywhere remote that the Roku Premiere comes with. If having a line of site with your Roku is no issue get the Premiere.

4K HDR TV Owners

If you have a new TV with HDR we recommend the Roku Premier+. Not only do you get all the benefits of the Roku Premier but you also get the following:

This is the box most HDR TV owners need and it costs $99.99, making it the least expensive streaming player with HDR of the top five streaming player manufacturers.

TV Owners with Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus Sound Systems

Are you really into surround sound? Well you want the Roku Ultra. It offers everything the Roku Premier+ does plus a few additional features for anyone with a home theater including the following:

In our testing there is no great speed difference between the Roku Premier and the Roku Ultra. You are paying for the additional features. For our side-by-side look at the Roku Premier and the Roku Ultra click here:

So that is our quick buyers guide to show you the differences between the new players. Hopefully this has helped you buy the right Roku for your TV without overspending.

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