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Roku Controls 70% of All Cord Cutting

When it comes to cord cutting you may think of companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. One you may want to give a second look at is Roku.

In 2017, one in four TVs sold in the United States was a Roku TV. Multiple reports say over half of all streaming players sold in the United States are Roku players. Roku also announced that over half of their revenue no longer comes from sales of physical devices but from subscriptions and ads.

Now Cord Cutters News is releasing the results of our quarterly survey, and for the third straight year, Roku is the number one streaming player among cord cutters. According to our survey of over 2,000 cord cutters, over 70% of all cord cutters own a Roku TV or Roku Player.

Update: The parent company of the popular Tablo OTA DVRs just tweeted that 70% of Tablo OTA DVRs use a Roku.

That 70% control gives Roku a huge amount of leverage over what happens in the world of cord cutting. Without Roku, you have effectively cut yourself off from a huge segment of cord cutters. While many cord cutters own multiple devices, the next most popular device is the Fire TV at just under 35%. The Apple TV came in at just 24% of all cord cutters.

Currently, there is a four-way race in the world of cord cutting. Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV are dominating the world of streaming. Although the Fire TV especially has seen strong growth and the Apple TV has jumped about 10% over the last few years, Roku is still the clear winner.

This is likely why we have increasingly seen services launch on Roku first. Sling TV was first on Roku as was Philo. Yet mysteriously several services have still decided to leave Roku support low on their list.

From looking at recent strong Roku TV sales and now three years of Roku being the number one streaming player with cord cutters, clearly, services that skip over Roku severely limit their ability to reach cord cutters.

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