Roku Express+ vs Roku Express – With Bonus Roku Express vs Roku Stick 2016

Roku Express+ vs Roku Express – With Bonus Roku Express vs Roku Stick 2016. For the full review please watch the YouTube video at the top of this post.

You can find the Roku Express on Amazon here:

Roku Express and Roku Express+
$29.99 MSRP and $39.99 MSRP, respectively – Roku most affordable streaming players ever launched; Roku Express is for TVs with HDMI® and Roku Express+ supports older TVs and can use a legacy Red/White/Yellow connection

  • Fast 1080p HD streaming
  • Simple IR remote control with popular streaming channel shortcut buttons
  • 802.11 b/g/n wireless
  • Optional removable adhesive strip for mounting to a TV
  • High Speed HDMI® cable included

Roku Express+ also includes:

  • Composite jack and included composite A/V cable (red/white/yellow)

For those who seek incredible performance through a quad-core processor and the capability to stream 4K Ultra HD up to 60 frames per second, Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+ are a more powerful player. The Roku Premiere+ also supports HDR for a vibrant picture and includes a point anywhere remote with a headphone jack for private listening. Rounding out the line is the fully loaded Roku Ultra for an ideal streaming experience which also includes support for HDR, Dolby Digital Plus decode, voice search and lost remote finder.

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  • Richard Cleven

    No information but a good Roku commercial.

    • Please make sure to watch the YouTube video at the top of the post for the review.

  • Tom G.

    Very good review. Generally it appears the stick if faster but both work. The only advantage I can see to having the Red, White and Yellow port is this.

    If you happen to have a 5.1 sound system you can directly attach the cables to that device by RCA. Otherwise you will be using HDMI from the Roku to your TV and then you are stuck with whatever sound out ports the TV offers. In my case my only sound out port on my TV is Coaxial Audio. Unfortunately my 5.1 sound system only has RCA jacks so I have to use an adapter box to go from Coaxial Audio to RCA [more cord clutter, LOL]. .

    Not a big deal for most people but just something to keep in mind.