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Roku Is Changing the Rules for Roku Channels (With Hopes of Speeding Up Channel Approvals)

Yesterday Roku posted an update to their Roku Channel certification rules. These changes are aimed at helping new Roku Channels get into the Roku Channel Store with fewer rejections.

“This update supports Roku’s goal of helping publishers pass certification on their first attempt. However, Roku’s channel certification process does not replace a publisher’s own responsibility to QA test the channels they own and operate. Publishers are expected to rigorously test that their channel meets the certification criteria before submitting for publication,” Roku said in a statement on their website.

The performance benchmark criteria are as follows:

  • The channel launches to a fully rendered homescreen within 20 seconds.
  • Screen-to-screen (scene-to-scene) transitions are within 5 seconds. (This requirement has been eased from the previous 3 second recommendation.)
  • Responses to user requests that take longer than 3 seconds require the appropriate “in progress” notification. Responses cannot take longer than 10 seconds to complete.
  • The channel’s response to a remote button press and tile-to-tile navigation is within 250 milliseconds.
  • Content starts playing within 10 seconds of initiation. (This requirement has been eased from the previous 5 second recommendation.)

A few other changes Roku added include:

  • If using closed caption, the channel supports the “On mute” option in the user global setting.
  • If using closed captions, instant replay should rewind in 20 seconds.
  • Universal Single Sign-On(SSO) must be integrated in channels that require a user account to login and that stream more than 5 million hours per month.

These changes may seem small, but Roku is slowly upping the requirements to support more Roku options making it easier for channel creators to develop for Roku.

What do you think of these changes? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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