Roku is Offering to Replace Some Roku Express+ Players With New Ones

Today Roku started to email some owners of Roku Express+ players notifying them of a potential WiFi issue and offering to replace them. According to Roku some Roku Express+ devices are having a WiFi issue that affecting their performance. Now Roku is offering to replace them for free with a new Roku Express+.

This seems to be affecting a small number of Roku Express+ and not all of them. Cord Cutters News owns multiple Roku Express+ and none of our Roku Express+ seem to be impacted by this issue.

Here is the email being sent to customers with the Roku Express+ being replaced:

Dear Roku Customer,

Thank you for your purchase of a Roku Express+ player. We strive to give all of our customers the best streaming experience possible.

We believe that your Roku Express+ may not be delivering the best wireless performance it can, and we’d like to provide you a new Roku Express+ to replace it so you can enjoy streaming at its best. Please take a few minutes to complete the information on this form: Click here and we will mail one to you shortly at no cost to you.

Not this replacement offer is not transferable. Upon receipt of your new Roku Express+, we ask that you factory reset and recycle the existing Roku Express+ as it will no longer work.

Happy Streaming!

Your Friends at Roku

Again this is only impacting a few Roku Express+. By using serial numbers Roku can track each device to know exactly when it was built to identify the devices with the issue. If you didn’t get an email offering a replacement your Roku Express+ is working as it should.

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