Roku Offers New Tech Support Options

Roku has long been known for good customer service—from phone support to its forums—but now it has added even more ways to get support.

Yesterday Roku Launched @RokuSupport on Twitter. With this new account Roku has a team of experts working to answer common questions and directing Roku users to where they can get the support they need.

As cord cutting continues to grow and become more mainstream support needs are likely to increase for companies like Roku.

With the recent explosion in the number of people being cord cutters the need for tech support is growing. Add in the fact that Roku’s new line of Roku streaming players has targeted new cord cutters and you can see why Roku is now offering additional options for help.

Hopefully more companies and streaming media players will follow Roku’s example and offer more tech support options—not only Twitter but dedicated phone support, forums, and more.

If cord cutting is to see widespread adoption services and device makers will need to offer similar support to what has been previously offered by cable companies.

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