Roku Reaches 60.1 Million Active Users

In its Q4 earnings report today, Roku announced that it has exceeded 60 million active accounts, an increase of 8.9 million for the quarter.

“Audiences around the world continue to shift to TV streaming due to its affordability, ease of use, and breadth of content choices. In 2021, we increased active accounts by 8.9 million globally, ending the year with over 60 million active accounts. To put that in context, Roku’s U.S. active account base surpassed the U.S. video subscribers of all of the cable companies combined,” the report says.

Platform revenue was up 49% year over year, reaching $703.6 million in Q4. However, player revenue dropped 9% year over year and was at $161.7 million in Q4.

Roku pointed to “inventory challenges” which affected Roku TV sales, but noted that player units “remained above pre-COVID 19 levels.” “This was a result of careful management of our streaming player supply chain and inventory,” the company wrote. 

Roku also shared numbers for The Roku Channel, its free streaming service. In 2021, The Roku Channel was a top five channel on the Roku platform in Q3 and Q4. An estimated 80 million people watched the channel and streaming hours more than doubled year over year.