Roku Releases Fix for Sound Issue on the Roku 4

Roku Screen LogoIf you have a Roku 4 and noticed Dolby Digital was not working correctly with Netflix and other apps we have great news for you. We received reports that on Saturday, October 31, 2015, Roku released a small update that seems to have fixed most sound issues that have been reported by Roku 4 owners.

This update allows surround sound to work with Netflix and other apps. (This is a similar issue to what has happened with the Fire TV and may have been caused by a recent Netflix update that changed how the sound worked with the Roku 4 and the Fire TV.)

If you have not received the update yet you can manually start it by going into your settings and selecting System. Select the Update option from the list. (This is also a great way to find out if you have the latest version of an app on your Roku 4 or any Roku player.) Your Roku may have auto updated, so if no new version is available that is why. Roku may also be staggering the roll out, so you may need to wait a week or longer to receive the update.

At this time we are unsure if the update fixed any other bugs, because Roku rarely releases details about their updates. Though the sound issue was the biggest glitch reported on the Roku 4—it was software related.

If you are having issues with the fan we encourage you to read our post about the Roku 4 with a statement from Roku about what to do with it.

Did you get the update? Has it fixed your sound issue? If not what issues do you still have?

Wondering how the Roku 4 stands up to the completion? Here is our Roku 4 vs Fire TV 2 user speed test review:

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