Roku Removes OTT Channels from its Grid Guide, Rolling Back This Week’s Update

Earlier this week, Roku launched an update that combined OTA channels from HD antennas and Roku’s live TV channel guide. While some users were happy to have all of their free live channels in one place, others noted that the update made the guide cluttered, sluggish, and inconvenient.

With the update, those who used a Roku TV to watch OTA channels would find The Roku Channels 100+ free channels mixed in on their guide. There was no way to turn the feature off and go back to a guide with only the user’s OTA channels from their antenna.

A Roku employee responded to a customer on the Roku message board asking about the update and whether the Roku channels could be removed from the guide, saying:

Hi everyone,

We recently removed a feature which integrated streaming and over-the-air (OTA) content from an HD antenna into a combined live TV channel guide for Roku TV users. Roku TV users will now see only OTA channels when selecting the “Live TV” tile on the Roku home screen. Roku TV users who would like to see streaming content within the live TV channel guide can do so through the “live TV channel guide” tile on The Roku Channel.

Roku TV users’ OTA channel guides will now be back to normal and Roku’s free live TV channels can still be found on The Roku Channel app.

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