Roku Set Up is Free, Don’t Fall for These User Scams

For a while now, there have been fake websites aiming to scam people who are Googling how to set up their Roku. Unfortunately, they actually get a lot of people who fall for them. The scam goes something like this: a new Roku user searches the web for instructions on how to set up their newly purchased Roku, and a seemingly legit website pops up offering to help. But once the user calls the “set up” number, they’re asked to provide credit card details to pay for the Roku set up.

Although these websites might look real, they are not the official Roku website, and only a scam. The truth is, there is no cost to set up your Roku on your TV, so anything that asks for payment to set up is a scam.

The problem became so bad Roku even created a page on their site to address the issue. Now, the issue is getting better and most of the popular search terms will put the real Roku contact info at the top.  However, you have to be careful because fake support sites are still out there and are quite convincing.

Always remember, Roku support and setup is free, so there is no need to pay to set up your Roku or for technical support.

If you want to reach Roku customer service, use the official contact page.

How to set up your Roku for FREE:

If you need help setting up your Roku, all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions. At some point, it will give you a 5-letter/number code that looks like “XD12G.” (That is just an example, every Roku has a different code.)

Go to and enter the code you see on your Roku. Do not Google Roku Activation. Just enter the link as shown above or click that link to open a new window.

From there, Roku will ask you to log in if you already have a Roku account or to create a free account by entering a username and password. That account will allow you to easily set up new Roku players by just logging in.

With the holidays and Black Friday shopping seasons coming up, there’s bound to be plenty of scam websites out there offering to help for a price, but don’t fall for it!