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Roku Stick 2017 vs Roku Stick 2016 – User Speed Test

We are slowly working out way through the new Roku lineup and today we have a head to head user speed test of the 2017 Roku Stick vs the 2016 Roku Stick. So today we put them head to head so you can get an idea if it is worth upgrading from the 2016 Roku Stick to the 2017 Roku Stick.

Here is our video review:

The 2016 Roku Stick Details:

The 2017 Roku Stick Details:

You won’t find any real speed difference here. The main reason you may want to upgrade is the new remote. The new remote will allow you to turn on and off the TV as well as adjust the volume of your TV. That may not be enough to make you want to replace your 2016 Roku Stick but if you are buying a new player you may want to get the 2017 over the slightly cheaper 2016 version.

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