Roku TVs Dominated CES

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Roku had their Roku TVs front and center at CES 2016. Although Roku itself was not very visible at CES, Roku TVs with Roku’s partners, like TCL, were all present and very vocal about their dedication to Roku and smart TVs.

About a dozen different new Roku TVs from at least three manufacturers were present at CES; however, TCL seemed to be the flagship for Roku TVs. Not only did TCL announce a 4K Roku TV, but Roku was also present at TCL’s press conference to announce a Roku HDR reference design for manufacturers to start working on Roku HDR TVs with.IMG_8105If you are wondering why more companies are starting to partner with Roku and other companies to power their smart TVs the reason is money. TVs have very thin profit margins and having a team dedicated to not only creating the smart TV OS but also getting apps on it costs money. Partnering with Roku allows the manufacturer to make TVs and lets Roku cover the cost of research and development on the smart TV end.

Having a huge install base and a great OS to build off of seems to have at least for now given Roku a leg up in the smart TV market. Although Roku may not be the first 4K smart TV or HDR on the market, they are poised to be in a lot of TVs in 2016 and be the smart TV with the most content. It is very likely that in the next year or two you will not see any Smart TV operating systems created by TV manufactures.

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