Roku’s Free Amazon Twitch Channel is Being Removed From Roku Players & Roku TVs

Back in November of 2017 Amazon removed their official Twitch streaming Roku Channel from Roku players. Any Roku owner who already had the Twitch Channel installed on their Roku at the time got a warning message saying the app will no longer be updated but that they can still use it. Sadly new Roku owners would be unable to add the official Amazon Twitch channel.

Very quickly a 3rd party free Twitch app that worked just like the official Twitch channel appeared called Twitched Zero. There was also a paid version that costs $0.99 just called Twitched. Now it looks like the creator behind Twitched Zero has shut down their Roku Channel and is forcibly removing the channel from Roku Players and Roku TVs.

Now if Roku owners want to watch Twitch and are not grandfathered into the original Amazon Twitch Channel they will need to pay $0.99 for the Twitched Roku Channel. This is a one-time cost and once you pay for the Twitched Roku Channel you can use it for free going forward.

You can add the Twitched Roku Channel to your Roku HERE.

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