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Roots Sports is About to Become Cord Cutting Friendly

Roots Sports AT&T’s regional sports network has been one of the last holdouts against live TV streaming. Now it has been reported that Roots Sports will be on a live TV streaming service before the next NBA season starts this fall.he report comes from KSL and is believed to come from a source at the Utah Jazz. The Utah Jazz games are aired on Roots Sports and according to the source this fall you will be able to stream the games through a live TV streaming service like DIRECTV NOW.

What streaming service they will be on is not confirmed right now. Likely though it will be AT&T’s own DIRECTV NOW service as AT&T owns a controlling interests in both Roots Sports and DIRECTV NOW. Though there have been reports that PlayStation Vue and maybe even Sling TV are also in talks with Roots Sports for streaming rights.

The Root Sports Network first launched back on April 1st 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Formally Root Sports Networks was a Fox Sports Regional Networks affiliate. That all changed back on December when DIRECTV became part owner and changed the branding from FSN to Roots Sports.

For now we will have to  wait and see what service picks up Roots Sports but according to reports it is a done deal.

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