Rumors Suggest Apple TV App Could Be Headed to Xbox, PlayStation Consoles Soon

We’ve seen the Apple TV app pop up on various streaming devices and smart TV platforms in past, and new rumors suggest it could be headed to Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well. Windows Central reported on a tweet that purports to show an Apple TV app listing for a small number of testers on current Xbox consoles.

Source: Tzunami_Sapp

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac also reported that the app could be coming to PlayStation consoles as well. In both cases, an Apple TV app would likely behave just like it does on other third-party platforms, like Roku streaming devices or Vizio’s SmartCast TVs — just with some optimization to work well with gamepads as well as traditional remote controls.

It’s also unclear exactly which models of Xbox or PlayStation would receive an Apple TV app, but with both lines launching next-gen hardware in just over a month, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the app support the new consoles in addition to current-gen options.

We’re slowly learning more about how the upcoming Xbox Series S, Series X, and the Sony PlayStation 5 will shape up as streaming devices. Last week, we reported on updated product images that confirm Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube will be available, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume many apps that current consoles already support would also make the transition as well. In any case, we’ll continue keeping a close eye on next-gen consoles and their potential streaming ambitions.