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If you are not familiar with Mohu check out or recent review of the Mohu Sky 60 antenna.


Last week I helped my brother set up a new Mohu Sky 60 antenna in his attic. The Sky 60 antenna is a multidirectional antenna and was replacing a direction antenna he already had. With his old antenna he was unable to receive NBC and a few other smaller channels. If he moved it to pick up NBC he lost other important channels. Well the old one promised a 90 mile range the widely different directions to the broadcast towers meant he was unable to pull them all in. The broadcast towers around his house ranged from 20 miles to 40 miles. The Sky 60 is designed to pick up signals from 60 miles away so this antenna was perfect for his needs.


The antenna constructed of very high quality material with a solid outer shell. Setting up the Sky 60 was very quick and easy. It came with a 30 foot cable and a CleanPeak™ filter technology provides low noise, state-of-the-art amplification. The 30 foot cable was perfect for running it through my brother’s walls to the living room from the attic. The CleanPeak filter did a great job with the signal delivering clear and crisp HD quality superior to anything I saw with my old satellite service.

After installation he went from 20 channels to 26 channels adding NBC and the local MyTV affiliate. This was a big pick up as it added real content not just the local shopping network. The 60 mile range of the Sky 60 is surprisingly good. Even in a heavily built up area the antenna did a great job picking up local channels with some well over 40 miles away.
Unless you are at the very edge of your broadcast tower I suggest going with a multidirectional antenna like the Sky 60. This will help you avoid issues like my brother had with broadcast towers off in different directions.

I’m going to give the antenna a 10 out of 10 for both quality or reception and the quality of construction. The setup was easy and quick with no special tools needed.