Samsung’s New QD-OLED Screen Tech Pops Up in Sony’s Latest TV

Rumors had been swirling about Samsung working on its own spin on OLED screens, and at CES 2022, we’re seeing evidence of those efforts via a new TV from Sony. The tech has also garnered some awards before Samsung has made any official announcements.

It’s called QD-OLED, or Quantum Dot Organic Light Emitting Diode, and it aims to merge the picture quality strengths of OLED with the brightness capabilities of Samsung’s existing Quantum Dot approach. With rival LG’s OLED displays often considered among the best in terms of overall picture quality, it’s likely Samsung is aiming to one-up the competition with its own take on OLED.

And as of the writing of this post, we haven’t seen an official announcement from Samsung that the new display tech is coming. Instead, we’ve seen product announcements from Sony, which touted its new Bravia 65A95K during CES 2022. While Sony has gone with LG Display for some of its other OLED screens, the announcement of this new model included mention of, yes, QD-OLED technology. Sony’s product page touts the new TV as offering more colors and improved brightness.

Elsewhere, our colleagues over at CNET spotted an award listing for Samsung’s own 65-inch TV with QD-OLED tech, which described the new approach as “combining the contrast levels of RGB OLED with the color and brightness of quantum dots.”

There’s no word just yet on any official pricing or availability on Sony’s or Samsung’s new TVs, but we’ll report back if we spot any updates.

And we’ll keep an eye out for any official announcements from Samsung itself. But it looks like this particular OLED cat is out of the bag.

Featured Image: Sony