A young woman is sitting in her kitchen and is loking at her receipts at home while using a smart phone

How to Save Over $600 a Year Shopping on Amazon’s Subscribe & Save vs Walmart For Daily Needs

A young woman is sitting in her kitchen and is loking at her receipts at home while using a smart phoneThis is a slightly different post than usual. Today I am going show you how my family saves $634.20 every year by using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service rather than using Walmart for stuff such as razors, soap, and food items.

I am always looking for ways to save money and that is part of the reason we ditched cable TV and became cord cutters, but why stop there. We already showed how we save over $2,000 a year by ditching our cable and cell phone companies. Here is how my family saves $634.20 a year by not shopping at Walmart for many of our needs.

We do this by using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature for items we use regularly. Right off the bat you get 5% off the typical Amazon price if you subscribe but if you order 5 or more items every month you will save 15%. Now not everything is a deal but most items are. Just keep in mind that you are buying in bulk.

You can subscribe to an item for every month or pick from every 1 to 6 months. Some items we get every month and some we get every 6 months.

Here is a typical monthly order from Amazon: (Note All of These Prices Are With the 15% Savings.) 

Gillette Fusion ProGlide 8 Count – Amazon $23.01 – Walmart $32.47 – Savings $9.46

Kraft Velveeta Original Shells 8 Count – Amazon $6.27 – Walmart $6.48 – Savings $0.21

Jiff Creamy Peanut Butter 16 oz 3 Pack – Amazon $6.32 – Walmart $7.44 – Savings $1.12

Dial Bar Soap 30 Count – Amazon $12.44 – Walmart $14.64 – Savings $2.20

Gillette Venus Original 8 Count – Amazon $15.21 – Walmart $22.88 – Savings $7.67

AAA Alkaline Batteries 20 Pack – Amazon $6.79 – Walmart $13.71 – Savings $6.92

AA Alkaline Batteries 48 Count – Amazon $7.64 – Walmart – $32.91 – Savings $25.27


Total Monthly Savings: $52.85

Total Yearly Savings: $634.20 (On average)

All these prices are good as of November 3, 2016. We used Amazon.com and Walmart.com online grocery ordering service from a store in Texas.

No not everything is less expensive and sometimes the savings are only because of the 15% off. The Kraft Velveeta Original Shells is a good example of that. We only save $0.21 with 15% off but that helps us unlock the 15% savings and it’s also nice to not have to make a Walmart run and have it delivered.

To ensure you get the best deal make sure to compare on Walmart.com using their online grocery ordering service. You just need to compare the correct item count. Often you are buying a pack of 3 or more. So it may look less expensive on Walmart until you realize that price is for 3 Jiffs not just one.

Between cord cutting, going to a prepaid cell phone service, and using Amazon Subscribe & Save we save $2.654.32. So what could you do with an extra $2,654.32 every year?

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4 Responses to How to Save Over $600 a Year Shopping on Amazon’s Subscribe & Save vs Walmart For Daily Needs

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    MGSSC November 5, 2016 at 4:32 pm #

    Thanks Luke. I have a suggestion for those razors. Switch to Harry’s. They’re cheaper than Gillette and much better in my opinion. If you sign up to try, you’ll only have to pay $3 for shipping which will get you the shaver, shaving cream and one blade. Also, their refills are cheaper as well. You get 8 razors for a flat $15. There’s an option to subscribe to keep them coming if you want. I know it sounds like I work for Harry’s but I don’t. Just thought I’d put that out there to help you and everyone save even more.

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    American January 8, 2017 at 5:28 pm #

    Save even more. 1) Use one of the legitimate web sites that sell instant online gift cards at a discount. Amazon cards are typically 2% off, which is another 2% off the already savings. 2) Definitely check out the new target.com for their subscribe and save. Target’s subscribe and save is only 5% off. But with that 5%, get another 5% off using their free Target Rewards Card, and then get another 6-9% off by buying one of the instant online gift cards. With target, that can amount up to 19% off (5, 5, an 9 percents off), plus free shipping to your door. I compared your savings on the peanut butter of Amazon vs Target, and it came within 5 cents, but with target you don’t have to buy a 3-pack. All in all, Amazon Subscribe & Save, Target Subscribe and Save (with their rewards 5% off) is worth using as long as you have a Master List to compare. And thanks to all of your cord cutter tips. I am into my 3rd year.