Ads on Pay TV Are Sky Rocketing! Over 5 Hours of Ads Per Season…

ncisWe are all busy. I run a busy site and have a beautiful wife and daughter I want to spend time with. So the question is how can I get more time to spend with my family? The answer for my family was cord cutting!

Commercials really add up epically over a full season. Better Call Saul is a great example of this. If you watch season 1 on AMC you would have spent 10 hours watching TV. If you stream the show through Amazon without ads you will only spend 7.8 hours on Amazon! With Amazon you can skip over 2 hours of commercials!

If you watch every episode of NCIS season 13 live you would watch 17 hours of content. If you streamed the same show through Amazon without ads it would be just 11.9 hours of content. A total savings of 5 hours!

So if you watched both Better Call Saul and NCIS in the same year you would save 7 hours of time. That is 7 hours you can spend with family and friends. That sounds like a much better way to spend your life than watching the same hair loss ad over and over again. Some episodes are now as short as just 40 minutes!

So maybe you should be asking yourself not only how much money can you save by being a cord cutter but how much time you can save…

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