For the Second Time in a Year Charter Is Raising Their Broadcast TV Fee

Depressed mature man holding paper and looking at it while sitting on the couch at homeWell 2018 is almost here and we have already seen Comcast and Cox raise their prices and now Charter is doing the same.

Recently Cord Cutters News confirmed that for the second time this year Charter is raising their broadcast TV fee in February 2018. At the start of 2017 the fee was $6.05 a month. Later it went up to $7.50 a month. Now it is going up to $8.85 a month.

That means you will pay $106.20 a year for the local TV affiliates you can get 100% free with an antenna. Over a two-year contract it will cost you $212.40.

Charter is not done. A single DVR is going to cost more: $12.99 a month. So next time you DVR a show with Charter remember you are paying $155.88 a year for that. Over a two-year contract it will cost you $311.76 just for the privilege of DVRing a show with Charter.

Hold on, Charter is not done yet. According to our contacts at Charter the cost for basic TV will go up $5 a month.

These are likely not the only price hikes coming to Charter, but these are the ones we have confirmed to be going up in early 2018.

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