SiliconDust Launches an All-in-One TV Services For Cord Cutting

Today SiliconDust the company behind the popular HDHomeRun tuners announced a new product called All-in-One that combines free live local broadcast TV, premium cable TV channels and a DVR into a single user interface.

“Our vision has always been to provide cord cutters with the best possible TV experience, starting with our HDHomeRun tuners. This marks our first big step toward an even better experience that combines all the key elements cord cutters look for into a single app,” said Theodore Head, President and CEO of SiliconDust. “We love options, and we know cord cutters do too. This service gives them another high quality option to consider that reduces complexity and improves convenience.”

The all-in-one experience is the combination of three key elements into a single app, viewable across devices:

  • HDHomeRun Connect and HDHomeRun Extend tuner boxes that provide free live local broadcast TV, news, sports, and prime-time events in full native resolution.
  • HDHomeRun PremiumTV subscription service that augments free live local broadcast TV with 45 top cable TV channels via the internet with no long term commitments. Currently available to U.S. customers, and coming soon to Canada, pricing for PremiumTV is $34.99 per month.
  • HDHomeRun DVR service that enables recording and playback of both live local and premium cable TV channels on your terms, right in your own home. Pause movies in one room and restart in another room on a different device. Pricing for the DVR service is $35.00 annually.

The service marks the beginning of a new and ongoing focus on creating a best-in-class experience for cord cutters. Starting today, the following UI improvements will also be released:

  • Horizontal Time Scrolling in the Discovery section of the app to improve content discoverability
  • DVR and Live TV Start Screen options to give users the ability to choose what content they want to see when the app launches
  • New DVR Task Management settings so that priority content is always recorded when scheduling conflicts arise
  • Enhanced Padding Controls to ensure that users never miss the start or end of recorded shows and events
  • Improved Search Functionality that allows users to search for shows and movies by title and keyword
  • Quick access to the Settings Menu to allow users to more easily adjust and control their experience

SiliconDust also announced that HDHomeRun customers a free two week trial of HDHomeRun PremiumTV and a two month free trial of the HDHomeRun DVR service.

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