Sling TV Announces a New & Improved User Interface

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Sling TV is rolling out a second-generation user interface at CES 2016. The new UI is designed for each Sling TV-supported streaming device. No longer is there a one-size-fits-all user interface that you saw with their previous UI. The new Sling TV UI will roll out over the next few months starting with Roku and moving on to other devices.

The new UI adds MY TV and enables customers to “favorite” shows and channels, allowing Sling TV users to see only the content they want to watch. MY TV gives users the ability to have total control over their Sling TV experience. 

In addition to My TV the new UI also adds ON NOW, which will bring an automatically curated guide that will show users what is on right now based on the types of shows users like to watch. Sling will learn what you watch and enjoy similarly to how Netflix recommends content to their subscribers.

The addition of MY TV and ON NOW shows how Sling TV is developing past its roots of traditional pay TV and moving closer to the experience cord cutters expect from using services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

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