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Sling TV For The First Time Ever Announces Official Subscriber Numbers

For the first time, Sling TV announced official subscriber numbers today. According to Dish the parent company of Sling TV at the end of 2017 Sling TV had over 2.212 million subscribers. That represents a 47 percent growth year over year.

This puts Sling TV in the clear lead over DIRECTV NOW with 1.2 million and all other streaming services that are said to have 700,000 or fewer subscribers as of the end of 2017. This all comes as Dish gained 39,000 pay-TV subscribers including gains by Sling TV.

“The company closed the fourth quarter with 13.242 million Pay-TV subscribers, including 11.030 million DISH TV subscribers and 2.212 million Sling TV subscribers. This reporting marks the first time the company has separately disclosed its DISH TV and Sling TV subscribers within the total population of Pay-TV subscribers.” Dish said in a statement on their website.

Later today Dish will be holding their 4th quarter 2017 earnings call. During that call, we will likely get a deeper look into Sling TV and the plans Dish has for their live TV streaming service. Cord Cutters News will have full coverage of the earnings call.

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