Sling TV Hit a New All Time High With 2.3 Million Subscribers

Today Dish announced their 2nd quarter 2018 earnings and for only the third time gave us an official look at the number of subscribers Sling TV has. According to Dish Sling TV now has 2.344 million subscribers. This keeps Sling TV as the largest live TV streaming service. Overall Dish lost 151,000 paid TV subscribers lower than the 196,000 expected. In total Dish still has 12.997 million Pay-TV subscribers when looking at Dish and Sling TV combined.

This is great news for Dish who saw their stock jump up after they announced the news. As these numbers show what many have been speculating. Well, cord cutting is growing faster than ever the strong economy has slowed the growth below what was expected by many annalists. With a strong job market, fewer Americans are cutting the cord because they have to but because they want to. With that said more people are canceling cable TV today than ever before.

What this shows is that companies like Dish have a little bit more breathing room as they look for ways to address the declining of satellite TV customers. Yet they should not get comfortable as Cord Cutting is still growing faster than ever.

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