Sling TV is Updating The AirTV Player With Bug Fixes & Improvements

Yesterday Sling TV started to roll out an update to the white AirTV Player. This update added a ton of backend fixes to the AirTV Player that according to our readers has greatly improved the AirTV.

Sling TV also added the ability to subscribe to their DVR from inside the AirTV Player. In the past, you would see a DVR option on shows but if you subscribed to the DVR nothing would happen. Now if you hit that button and are not subscribed to the DVR service you will get an option to subscribe to Sling TV’s DVR service.

Sadly I am traveling and do not have our AirTV Player with us to test out the new update. Have you tested out the new AirTV Player update? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the new update.

Here is what is new in the AirTV Player update according to the most recent app update:

Android Parity (features from 6.4)
*In-App DVR Subscription
*SWRVE: SDK Implementation
*Pre-buffer Phase 2
*DVR Focus & Tabs – 10ft Only
Android Parity (features from 6.5)
*Update AirTV SDK to 1.191.60 (Support for Parrot)
*Change Loading Favorites to Loading Favorite ID and Type
Fixes for various crashes / bugs
Fix for “Time-Zone-ID” (used by CMW to format timestamp string in the CMW-Next response)
Launch Darkly (Implemented for “In-App DVR Subscription”)

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