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Sling TV Is Keeping Costs Down By Skipping The Locals

Yesterday YouTube TV joined a growing list of live TV streaming services in raising their rates. Over the last year PlayStation Vue, fuboTV, and now YouTube TV have all raised their rates.

So why the price hike? Well, in short, locals cost a lot of money and often the second year of having a local costs more. Sources have told Cord Cutters News that often a deal with a group of locals have a lower first year cost that automatically goes up in the second year.

CBS’s CEO has also stated that streaming deals for services such as DIRECTV NOW and PlayStation Vue are far more profitable than those with traditional pay-TV providers.

“When a viewer switches from a traditional distributor to a streaming skinny bundle, CBS’s fee doubles, he said. If they subscribe to CBS All Access, CBS’s haul sometime triples. “OTT is a more profitable business model.”

Recently Sling TV has turned down deals with providers like CBS in an effort to keep their cost down.

As other services rush to add locals, it seems that Sling TV has decided to skip the high-cost locals in an effort to keep prices down. This plan may be a good fit for Sling TV as they try to find their identity in a growing field of live TV streaming services.

Recently Sling TV has been pushing antennas with deals for free antennas and their own streaming players and network devices to add channels you get with an antenna to your Sling TV account.

So far keeping the price down seems to be working for Sling TV because they now have more subscribers than any other live TV streaming service. The question now is will cord cutters continue to embrace Sling TV’s low price point or jump ship for a service with locals already included.

Just remember when you wish a service would add channels or locals remember that means higher cost one that will likely be passed on to you the subscriber.

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